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Articolul AGRO TV News – 16. 04. 2024 apare prima dată în AgroTV.
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OTP Bank – leader in Corporate Banking, CSR and Digital ...
A car drove into a public waiting station in the city of Bender on Wednesday morning. A 61-year-old man died on the spot, while three other persons were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, IPN reports.The Transnistrian Ministry of the Interior said that the car was driven by a 20-year-old woman, who obtained her driving license less than a year ago. The breath test showed tha
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In the Republic of Moldova, it is essential to maintain continuity of a pro-European government after 2025, when parliamentary elections will be held in Moldova, in order to ensure the irreversibility of the Western path of the Republic of Moldova. This is stated in a report by the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) of Romania for 2023, IPN reports, with reference to RFE/RL&rsquo
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Speaker: Referendum on Moldova's accession to EU to define our present and future for next decades
Moldovan president visits dairy factory in Comrat
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EU leaders are gathering today in Brussels for another summit during April 17-18.
In Tbilisi, riot police deployed crowd control measures against protesters gathered outside the Georgian parliament building.
The White House announced on Tuesday that the United States will impose new sanctions against Iran in response to the recent attack on Israel.
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Against the odds, Moldova has taken the world of robotics by storm.
At least 13 individuals, among them seven children, have perished, with over 25 sustaining injuries following a targeted assault on the Al-Maghazi refugee camp situated in central Gaza on Tuesday, as confirmed by sources at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, as reported by
Thirteen individuals, including seven children, have tragically lost their lives, and over 25 have sustained injuries following an attack on the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza on Tuesday, according to officials from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, as reported by
In light of the recent report on abnormally early flowering of blueberries in Poland, where certain varieties of this berry crop bloomed four weeks ahead of the usual schedule, experts at EastFruit turned their attention to the situation in Ukraine. Their inquiry focused on assessing the severity of a similar... Сообщение Blueberries in Ukraine will not suffer from possible frosts – expert opinion появились сначала на EastFruit.
Vehicle traffic will not have access to the section of Matei Basarab St between Moscova Blvd and Florilor St during April 17-19, IPN reports.The Chisinau City Hall said that excavation works to fix a sewer network problem on Matei Basarab St will be carried out in the period.Drivers are urged to avoid the given area.
Thirty-seven measles cases have been reported in Moldova since the beginning of this year. Measles is a highly contagious viral infection that can lead to serious complications. Eighteen of the 37 cases were recorded in a Chisinau temporary placement center for Ukrainian refugees. Deputy head of the General Medical and Social Assistance Division of Chisinau Vladimir Bolocan said that th
The Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova (PDCM) agrees with the signing of a pact by the political parties that support the country’s European course, said the party’s leader Ion Chicu. He noted that his party is ready to sign the Pact for Europe initiated by the political bloc “Together”, provided that the phrase “Euro-Atlantic space” dis
The referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union will help enshrine the irreversibility of the European path and affiliation with the European space of values, ex-president of the Constitutional Court Alexandru Tănase stated after the judges of the Court on Tuesday approved of the bill to organize the plebiscite. He noted that after Moldova joins the European Union, its
Eurovision Song Contest organisers unveiled changes to how finalist countries will determine their performance order in the Grand Final for the 2024 competition in Malmö, Sweden.
Ukraine announced on Tuesday that nearly 37,000 civilians and military personnel are missing since the start of the Russian invasion.
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) staged a comeback victory over FC Barcelona in the second leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie, while Borussia Dortmund secured a dramatic win against another Spanish team, Atletico Madrid.
Meteorologists in Moldova have issued a yellow warning for a significant weather change expected to hit the country from Wednesday, April 17, to Thursday, April 18.
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La 17 aprilie 1945, la București  a încetat să bată inima lui  Mircea Streinul, poet și prozator,  „stejarul poeziei bucovinene interbelice”. Viața pământească
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NATO Deputy Secretary Mircea Geoană gave an interview to the Italian daily “La Stampa” in which he outlined the organization’s views on Russia’s war against Ukraine, which, from missile falls to waves of refugees, has repercussions for Moldova.The NATO official said that not the confrontations in the Middle East, but the war in Ukraine, triggered by Russia cl
Russia has been waging a hybrid war against the Republic of Moldova and the informational component is the most visible part of this war, said Romanian political pundit Iulian Chifu. According to him, Russia’s goal is to change the narratives in Moldova’s information space and put pressure on the Moldovan authorities. Russia uses Gagauzia’s leadership as an instrumen
The multiple incidents in the Transnistrian region are meant to create anxiety in society and justify the establishment of multiple checkpoints when crossing the administrative line, said Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian. He admitted that the situation on the left bank of the Nistru is complicated, given that the territory is outside the control of the constituti
An Atlantic cyclone will bring precipitation practically all over Moldova as from April 17, with greater intensity in the northern districts. The temperatures will tend to decrease. On the night of April 18, there will be +2... +7 degrees Celsius. During the day, the temperatures will rise to only +10… +15 degrees Celsius, Nadejda Stolear, head of the forecasts department at th
Seven awards will be given this year at the Cultural Heritage Awards Gala that will take place at the Palace of the Republic on April 18. The Research Award in the field of cultural heritage is the novelty of this year’s edition.Alexandru Corduneanu, administrator of the Heritage 21 Foundation, at a press conference at IPN said that the following awards will be handed over: Award
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If a referendum on joining the European Union was held, over 56% of the respondents of a poll would vote in favor, while 25% would vote against. Others said they haven’t yet decided or wouldn’t take part. 35% in a referendum would vote for joining the Eurasian Union, while 47.5% would vote against. Between the EU and the Eurasian Union, 54% would choose the EU, while 25% woul
The Cultural Heritage Awards Gala will take place at the Palace of the Republic in Chisinau on April 18, starting at 6:00 p.m. The event is organized on the International Day for Monuments and Sites, which has been marked annually since 1983. The organizers are the Heritage 21 Foundation, the National Association of Young Historians of Moldova and the Institute of Cultural Heritage.In
The Constitutional Court (CC) has given the go-ahead to amend the Constitution. A positive opinion was pronounced on Tuesday on the notification submitted by MPs of the parliamentary majority in connection with the national constitutional referendum on European integration, IPN reports.CC president Domnica Manole, stated that the initiative to revise the Constitution by referendum doe
In the case of the presidential election, Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon are in a commanding position in the competition with 35% and, respectively, 16% of the vote. In the event of the runoff vote, the incumbent President would emerge victorious in the competition with Igor Dodon, Ion Ceban or Irina Vlah, shows a survey conducted by CBS Research and commissioned by WatchDog.MD. The su
In the first two months of this year, the Republic of Moldova exported goods worth over 600 million dollars, by 12 percent less compared to the same period last year. The data show that the European Union is still the main economic partner of our country.
Prezentat de Alice Bucur și Alex Marcoci
In the first two months of this year, the Republic of Moldova exported goods worth over 600 million dollars, by 12 percent less compared to the same period last year. The data show that the European Union is still the main economic partner of our country.
Moldovan head of diplomacy discussed with newly elected president of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe
Prime Minister urges young people to apply for paid internships in public sector
The Constitutional Court approved the initiative to ...
April 25 is the deadline for paying local fees for ...
Aragonn Grup may become the first company in Moldova ...
In Moldova, notaries will be required to indicate the ...
Another 2 issues of government bonds were admitted ...
Moldova in January-February 2024, compared to the same ...
Soroca Fortress reopens its doors to visitors and tourists on Wednesday, April 17. Previously, the fortress was periodically closed for carrying out a series of interior and exterior works, but these were already finished. “Nicolae Bulat” Museum of History and Ethnography in Soroca is also being prepared for reopening.Contacted by IPN for details, director of “Nicolae
In the coming weeks, the volunteers and workers of the Mobile Youth Center will travel with scooters in the parks, squares and neighborhoods of Chisinau to provide young people with information about the activity of the five Youth Centers. The municipal program Mobile Youth Center, the second edition, which started today, aims to offer friendly services to the young people of Chisinau a
Whatever Moldovans decide at the upcoming constitutional referendum on EU membership shall be binding and shall not require any further validation from Parliament to produce legal effects, stated the president of the Constitutional Court. Domnica Manole made the clarifications in connection with the formal approval issued earlier today by the Constitutional Court for the referendum to be
The Cimișlia District Council bought a waste tanker that will join the fleet of the municipal utility company Servcom Cimișlia. The purchase was made possible thanks to a $98,157 grant provided by the Government of Japan under the Kusanone Program.According to a press release from the Embassy of Japan, the project aims to expand the public services provided in the district, in particu
Meteorologists have issued a yellow code of sudden weather change, in connection with a cyclone near the territory of the country. The warning comes into effect on Wednesday, April 17 and will be in place until Thursday, April 18.
Meteorologists have issued a yellow code of sudden weather change, in connection with a cyclone near the territory of the country. The warning comes into effect on Wednesday, April 17 and will be in place until Thursday, April 18.
151 European Union documents transposed into national law last year
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