Turkish blueberry planting areas have grown by 50%

EastFruit, 22 May 2024 9:10

It looks to be another positive Turkish blueberry season, although the yield might be below expectations, says Halil Oymak of Turkish blueberry exporter Fall Creek: “The Turkish blueberry season looks very good this year. The winter months were not cold and there was no excessive rainfall in the spring. That’s... Сообщение Turkish blueberry planting areas have grown by 50% появились сначала на EastFruit.

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Berry grower Hall Hunter has high expectations for its 2024 UK blueberry season. The company has 140ha of production spread across four farms in Berkshire and Surrey and supplies all the major UK supermarkets. This year it expects to harvest a crop of 3,000 tonnes of blueberries, accounting for 50... Сообщение Blueberry harvest in 2024 will be the best ever – British producer появились сначала на EastFruit.
In early May, a sudden drop in nighttime temperatures in Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk region resulted in significant damage to fruit-bearing trees. Petro Lyakhovich, a farm owner from Vladimirovka village, reported that the mercury dipping to -1°C led to frost damage to his apricot and plum trees, according to SEEDS. “Despite a... Сообщение Stone fruits hid hard by unexpected May frosts in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
The sanctions that the United States imposed against the Moscow Exchange, as well as its members the National Clearing Center (NCC) and the National Settlement Depository (NSD), led to panic in the foreign exchange market of the aggressor country. The exchange was forced to suspend trading in dollars and euros,... Сообщение Sanctions Paralyze Russia’s Fruit Trade: Dire Consequences for Egypt, Türkiye, and Ecuador появились сначала на EastFruit.
Belgian pear growers are facing significant challenges in the current fruit growing season. Earlier in the season, they dealt with frost and severe hailstorms, and now they are encountering a major issue with the bacterial disease pseudomonas, FreshPlaza informs. The Belgian TVL already headlined with ‘worst pear harvest in 40... Сообщение Belgian pear cultivation hit by pseudomonas bacteria появились сначала на EastFruit.
Over the last half-decade, Egypt has significantly bolstered its vegetable and fruit exports to Poland, nearly doubling the volume as per EastFruit’s reports. By the close of 2023, Egypt ascended to the ninth spot in the supplier rankings for these commodities in the Polish market, a notable leap from its... Сообщение Egypt ascends to ninth in Poland’s fruit and vegetable imports in 2023 появились сначала на EastFruit.
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We all love fresh fruits and the most people on Earth, especially children, prefer the sweetest fruits with highest sugar content. EastFruit decided to study sugar content in fruits and create a ranking of the world’s sweetest fruits, and try to assess whether the sweetness of fruits could be a... Сообщение Sweet but Healthy? A Look at the Top 5 Fruits with the Highest Sugar Content появились сначала на EastFruit.
KNUSA scientist and ‘Inzhtechbud’ chief projects engineer will help vegetable growers to understand the engineering of an ideal greenhouse at the All-Ukrainian forum ‘Intensive Vegetable Growing: make money on a greenhouse’, which will be held on 19 June in Lviv. The design of the greenhouse, its size, type of cover,... Сообщение At the forum in Lviv, a well-known expert will tell you how to build a profitable greenhouse появились сначала на EastFruit.
Morocco is poised to surpass its own record in fresh asparagus exports for the fourth consecutive season, according to EastFruit. Remarkably, the nation has already exported a greater volume of asparagus in the initial months of the current season (through March 2024) than in comparable periods of prior years. Between... Сообщение Morocco on track to break asparagus export record this season появились сначала на EastFruit.
12 June 2024
EastFruit analysts note that spring frosts and hail caused significant damage to fruit production in Russia and Belarus. Crops such as apples and pears were hit particularly hard. In some regions, losses of up to 70% of the potential harvest are reported, although overall we can expect about a decrease... Сообщение Record high prices of apples in Belarus and Russia are expected in 2024/24 – EastFruit появились сначала на EastFruit.
The popularity of flat peaches has significantly increased over the years, despite initial perceptions of the fruit as unattractive and misshapen, says Aysel Oguz, Commercial Manager for Turkish fresh produce grower and exporter Anadolu Etap. “Typically, the stone fruit season, including flat peaches, begins in southern regions of Türkiye such... Сообщение The flat peach has become a premium and quite widespread fruit появились сначала на EastFruit.
11 June 2024
According to EastFruit analysts, the season for purchasing new crop raspberries for freezing has begun in Serbia. Mass harvesting of raspberries has so far only started in the southern regions of Serbia, and the western regions, which produce the bulk of raspberries for freezing, the harvesting will begin in the... Сообщение First prices of raspberries for freezing in Serbia disappoint farmers появились сначала на EastFruit.
At the end of May 2024, EastFruit wrote about the late start of the stone fruit harvest season in Central Asian countries. The spring of 2024 turned out to be unusually cool and rainy, which led to delays in the ripening of many fruits, including cherries, and also negatively affected... Сообщение Cherries unnoticed – what’s wrong with the season of Uzbekistan’s favorite fruit? появились сначала на EastFruit.
10 June 2024
Fall Creek has announced the acquisition of a 50ha land parcel in Moara Vlasiei, Romania, from real estate developer Portland Trust. According Fruitnet, the blueberry genetics and nursery company called it a ”landmark transaction” that signified a pivotal moment in its growth strategy within the European market. The acquired land... Сообщение Fall Creek reveals Romanian acquisition появились сначала на EastFruit.
9 June 2024
The all-Ukrainian forum ‘Intensive Vegetable Growing: Make Money on Greenhouses’ – a professional platform for those planning or already developing greenhouses – will be held on 19 June in Lviv. Greenhouses today become an important tool to increase the profitability of a vegetable business. Both small farmers and agro holdings... Сообщение How to make greenhouse business profitable – the main question of the Forum “Intensive Vegetable Growing: Make Money on Greenhouses” появились сначала на EastFruit.
Average supermarket prices have reportedly increased over the past few years, helping to reduce the impact of rising costs. Italian melon suppliers have reportedly savoured a notable increase in average retail prices on their domestic market over the past few years, Fruitnet notes. According to research published by Agroter, supermarket... Сообщение Retail prices for Italian melons on upward curve появились сначала на EastFruit.
8 June 2024
Despite this spring’s unusual weather patterns, Ukraine’s berry production is expected to meet both domestic and export demands. However, market prices could be unpredictable, as reported by EastFruit.   In an interview with SEEDS, Taras Bashtannik, President of UHA (Ukrainian Horticultural Association), elaborated on the factors significantly influencing Ukrainian berry... Сообщение Higher export share of berries, slowdown in domestic consumption – Ukraine forecast from UHA появились сначала на EastFruit.
7 June 2024
This week, the Ukrainian market has seen a trend of decreasing prices for greenhouse cucumbers, according to analysts from EastFruit. The recent price drop in this segment at the beginning of June is called traditional due to an increase in the market supply of cucumbers from summer greenhouses. As of... Сообщение Cucumber prices in Ukraine have fallen below last year’s levels появились сначала на EastFruit.
Recently, several agricultural regions in Ukraine were subjected to unusually large hailstorms, prompting concerns about the potential damage to fruit crops. EastFruit experts have conducted an initial assessment to gauge the extent of the impact on vital horticultural produce. The hailstorms left their mark across multiple regions, including Kyiv, Zhytomyr,... Сообщение Assessing the impact of hail on Ukraine’s raspberry, apple, blueberry crops появились сначала на EastFruit.
6 June 2024
According to EastFruit, Indonesia has markedly reduced its date imports from Egypt during the first nine months of the 2023/24 season (July-March). However, Egyptian date exporters continue to be the leading suppliers to the Indonesian market. Between July 2023 and March 2024, Indonesia’s date imports from Egypt amounted to just... Сообщение Red Sea blockade: ripple effect on Egypt’s palm date exports to Indonesia появились сначала на EastFruit.
5 June 2024
According to EastFruit, Morocco’s direct shipments of fresh and frozen produce to Germany soared to unprecedented levels from January to March 2024. This surge was particularly notable in the export of greenhouse tomatoes, sweet peppers, frozen raspberries, fresh blueberries, among other products. During the initial three months of 2024, Morocco... Сообщение Morocco dominates early 2024 with historic fruit and vegetable exports to Germany появились сначала на EastFruit.
After months of waiting, the Breton mini-vegetables, usually available all year round, are back on the market. Pouliquen, distributor of the Prince de Bretagne brand, takes stock of the campaign following the weather incidents that hit Brittany this year, FreshPlaza informs.   This year’s production of mini-vegetables was rather “exceptional”.... Сообщение Breton mini-vegetables are back after a break of several months появились сначала на EastFruit.
4 June 2024
The downward trend in strawberry prices continues on the market of fresh produce of Ukraine, according to price monitoring data from the EastFruit project. Growers are forced to reduce wholesale prices in this segment due to the rapid increase in the supply of strawberries, while the demand for these berries... Сообщение Strawberry prices in Ukraine continues to decline but are higher than a year ago появились сначала на EastFruit.
3 June 2024
EastFruit experts conducted a survey among participants of the frozen raspberry market in Ukraine. The survey consisted of communications with leading freezing companies and farmers who grow raspberries on a commercial scale for freezing. We also held an anonymous survey among EastFruit telegram channel subscribers. Please note that that the... Сообщение What will raspberry prices in Ukraine be according to forecasts of market participants? появились сначала на EastFruit.
1 June 2024
Looking at the availability of apples from Poland, the situation is a lot like it was in the previous season around this period, says Jakub Krawczyk, export manager for Polish apple exporter Appolonia: “Our current apple stocks are still quite similar to the stock levels we had last season during... Сообщение Gala apples are almost completely depleted появились сначала на EastFruit.
31 May 2024
EastFruit analysts report that in 2024, Ukraine is vigorously boosting its exports of deep-frozen vegetables. Notably, during the first quarter of 2024, Ukraine’s frozen vegetable exports surged to 2,200 tons, more than doubling the figures from the previous year and generating over $2.7 million in export earnings. Frozen cauliflower, broccoli,... Сообщение Ukraine doubles frozen vegetable exports – what’s the berry connection? появились сначала на EastFruit.
30 May 2024
With a proactive approach to expanding its export horizons, Egypt is reshaping the dynamics of these burgeoning markets for its horticultural goods. Notably, in the first quarter of this year, Egypt’s orange exports to Canada have already surpassed the total for all of 2023, establishing a new record for market... Сообщение Egypt surpasses Spanish, Moroccan counterparts in Canadian orange market, sets new records появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to EastFruit’s analysts, there is an ongoing trend of decreasing prices for early white cabbage in the Ukrainian market. The primary reasons for this price adjustment are the seasonal increase in the supply of new harvest cabbage and relatively low demand for the product. Currently, cabbage from the 2024... Сообщение Ukraine: cabbage prices decline by 20% in a week появились сначала на EastFruit.
The collapse in onion prices in Central Asia during the 2023/24 season, which was previously warned about by EastFruit analysts in publications such as ‘Onion bubble – what will farmers do with all these onions from August onwards?’ and ‘Will Uzbekistan be able to avoid a collapse in onion prices?’... Сообщение What a twist! Farmers in Kyrgyzstan are advised to store onions until prices stabilize появились сначала на EastFruit.
29 May 2024
Despite a challenging 2023, Moroccan berry exporters have rebounded in 2024, according to EastFruit. During the first three months of this year, fresh berry exports reached an impressive 66,000 tons – a nearly 20% increase over the previous year. This surge sets a promising tone for the entire export season.... Сообщение Moroccan fresh berry exports surge to new heights again появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to a report by EastFruit, early cabbage and onions from Uzbekistan have made their way onto the shelves of supermarkets in Riga, Latvia. Despite the considerable distance these products had to travel, they turned out to be remarkably affordable. Specifically, Uzbek onions are retailing at €0.75 per kilogram, while early... Сообщение Uzbekistan’s onions and cabbage: affordable offerings on EU supermarket shelves (pictures) появились сначала на EastFruit.
Currently, the European market for frozen strawberries is predominantly influenced by Egyptian suppliers. Despite this, the cultivation and freezing of these berries within Europe persist. The team at EastFruit has conducted an analysis of the most recent market trends to ascertain whether Egypt’s dominance will compel European producers to abandon... Сообщение European market analysis: frozen strawberries amidst Egypt’s market expansion появились сначала на EastFruit.
28 May 2024
Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Thus, growers often like to brag to their colleagues about the size of their cucumbers, often exaggerating by a lot. In this regard, the EastFruit team decided to do all the cucumbers and based only on true and well-documented... Сообщение Whose cucumber is the longest in the world? появились сначала на EastFruit.
Climate disasters, unfortunately, have become the norm in the recent years, and it is the fruit and vegetable sector, as the most sensitive to climate change, that suffers more than other segments of agriculture. According to EastFruit analysts, in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, the spring of 2024 turned... Сообщение Harvest of Uzbekistan’s cherries is delayed – are prices and exports likely to be impacted? появились сначала на EastFruit.
27 May 2024
Recent developments have indicated a concerted effort to depress raspberry prices within the Ukrainian and Polish markets. According to EastFruit analysts, the forthcoming raspberry season is poised to commence significantly earlier than historical norms, a trend observable even in Ukraine’s eastern territories where early raspberry varieties are already nearing maturity.... Сообщение Efforts to undercut raspberry prices detected in Ukraine and Poland появились сначала на EastFruit.
25 May 2024
The season for Turkish apples has been a very positive one, with sales at a very high level, says Merve Akyol, export specialist for Turkish produce exporter TEO Export: “This year, the Turkish apple season has been very good. Our sales were very fast, to the point where we couldn’t... Сообщение Turkish apple sales were very fast this season появились сначала на EastFruit.
24 May 2024
According to EastFruit analysts, a unique trade mission organized by the Project of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for exporters from Morocco and Egypt to Uzbekistan on May 21-22, 2023, turned out to be very fruitful!... Сообщение Uzbekistan is ready to import more fruits from Egypt and Morocco (video)! появились сначала на EastFruit.
In a remarkable turnaround from the challenges faced last autumn, Morocco has successfully resumed its greenhouse tomato exports this year. According to EastFruit, the first quarter of 2024 has seen Moroccan tomato exports reach new heights. From January to March, Morocco shipped out 266,000 tons of greenhouse tomatoes, marking a... Сообщение Morocco’s greenhouse tomato exports surge again in 2024 появились сначала на EastFruit.
23 May 2024
The Ukrainian market is currently experiencing a significant surge in the cost of garden strawberries, as highlighted by EastFruit’s analysts. Unseasonably cool weather across the primary strawberry-growing regions has hindered the swift maturation of the local crop, prompting growers to elevate their pricing to compensate for the delayed harvest.  ... Сообщение Exploring the surge in strawberry prices in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
Moroccan tomato producers have been subjected to disturbances in France, notably in Perpignan, with the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture (COMADER) attributing these actions to three French agricultural groups. COMADER has expressed a commitment to cooperation within the framework of European trade agreements, while condemning the “unjustified attacks” on their exports... Сообщение Moroccan growers condemn attacks on tomatoes in France появились сначала на EastFruit.
22 May 2024
According to EastFruit’s analysts, citing market participants, last year’s potatoes in the Ukrainian market have experienced a notable price surge over the weekend.   As of today, farmers are selling potatoes from the 2023 harvest at prices ranging from 15 to 22 UAH per kilogram (approximately $0.38 to $0.55 per kilogram), depending on quality, variety,... Сообщение Last year’s potatoes in Ukraine now triple the price compared to previous year появились сначала на EastFruit.
It looks to be another positive Turkish blueberry season, although the yield might be below expectations, says Halil Oymak of Turkish blueberry exporter Fall Creek: “The Turkish blueberry season looks very good this year. The winter months were not cold and there was no excessive rainfall in the spring. That’s... Сообщение Turkish blueberry planting areas have grown by 50% появились сначала на EastFruit.
21 May 2024
EastFruit analysts have observed a decline in the export conditions for these commodities from Uzbekistan. Effective May 14, 2024, the nation’s Cabinet of Ministers has mandated that previously suggested prices for fruits and vegetables, accessible via a designated link, now serve as the minimum allowable prices. Consequently, the export of... Сообщение Uzbekistan delivers another blow to its own export of fruits and vegetables появились сначала на EastFruit.
20 May 2024
EastFruit analysts report that Ukraine started importing substantial quantities of the new onion harvest from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan last week. These nations began their harvest over a month ago, ensuring an ample supply of high-quality onions capable of enduring the lengthy journey to Ukraine. The influx of onions from Uzbekistan... Сообщение Ukraine initiates importation of early onions from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, raising questions about market prices появились сначала на EastFruit.
19 May 2024
Following the announcement by China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC), Hungary has been granted permission to export fresh cherries to China, contingent on meeting specific requirements, FreshPlaza notes. With China experiencing a significant surge in fresh cherry imports, Hungarian cherries are anticipated to gain market presence in China. In 2022,... Сообщение China opens its doors to fresh cherries from Hungary and Kyrgyzstan появились сначала на EastFruit.
18 May 2024
“We started harvesting already on May 11th, i.e. 10 days earlier than the previous season. Volumes are currently limited, we are talking about a dozen pallets shipped to the domestic and foreign market every other day. Quantities will increase towards the end of the month, so supplies will constant and... Сообщение Sicilian grapes season started 10 days earlier than in 2023 появились сначала на EastFruit.
17 May 2024
EastFruit’s analysts are diligently evaluating the extent of damage inflicted on fruit and vegetable crops by Ukraine’s recent frost events. For an overview of the initial assessment, please refer to the first segment of our report. Notably, since May 9th this year, nocturnal temperatures have plummeted to as low as... Сообщение Impact of May Frosts on Ukraine’s Blueberry and Raspberry Crops появились сначала на EastFruit.
In the wake of the May frosts, Ukraine’s fruit and vegetable plantations have faced a series of challenges. From May 9th to the present, nocturnal temperatures have plunged below freezing across the majority of the country, exerting a significant toll on these vital agricultural sectors. Reports indicate a spectrum of... Сообщение Assessing the Aftermath of May Frosts on Ukraine’s Horticulture появились сначала на EastFruit.
16 May 2024
Analysts from EastFruit have observed that Ukrainian strawberry growers have successfully increased their selling prices this week. Market operators attribute this uptick primarily to the erratic and scant supplies of the fruit, a consequence of deteriorating weather conditions in the primary strawberry-growing regions. Presently, Ukrainian growers are offering strawberries at... Сообщение Ukrainian strawberry prices surge amidst dropped temperature появились сначала на EastFruit.
Macfrut, the international event for the fruit and vegetable supply chain, has once again received an enthusiastic response from exhibitors. A total of 56,200 people attended the three-day trade fair at the Rimini Expo Centre, an increase of 13% on last year. This was the most exciting edition yet, and... Сообщение Renzo Piraccini: “Macfrut is the place to be to find out where the sector is headed.” появились сначала на EastFruit.
The European Union sources a substantial share of its plum imports from the Republic of Moldova. In fact, in 2023, Moldovan plums constituted 25% of the EU’s plum market. This data was highlighted by Deputy Prime Minister Dumitru Alaiba, the Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization, in a report by... Сообщение Moldova takes up to a quarter of EU’s plum imports in 2023 появились сначала на EastFruit.
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